Friday, 12 December 2014

What if Hitler Liked Your Music?

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Like most magazine accounts that I follow on Twitter (@keggerhammond), I generally skip over NME tweets as they're prone to cycle the same articles throughout the week, or promote shameless pageview bait like slideshows and listicles. They're also tabloidy in their treatment of music news, in that they will wildly quote musicians out of context, completely misrepresent an interview, or blatantly mislead readers with inaccurate article titles and ledes in the hopes of gaining more clicks. However, despite my general apathy towards the NME account, I still continue to follow it (mostly to get the UK perspective). A while ago I  noticed that they were soliciting fan mail for their next issue. After scrolling past some of the more innocuous questions, I came across this tweet from the NME account: