Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Must Reads: Richard Beck in n+1

n+1 is a thrice annually (three times per year. I think that's how you say it.) published literary magazine that examines all sorts of neat things, from politics to literature to culture. The latest issue includes a 9,500-word (!) examination of the new indie music world with a focus on the history and influence of Pitchfork. Richard Beck wrote the aptly titled "5.4" and you should read it.

Beck looks at Pitchfork's journey from collection of indie-loving Minnesotans writing love stories about their favourite records in the 1990s to the cultural juggernaut that it is today. He also looks at building "cultural capital" and what indie music has become in this day and age where the word "indie" has a completely different connotation.  Beck also uses the word "pedantic" a lot.

Overall the article is worth your time, if you can spare the 0.5-1 hour you'll need to consume 9,500 words.

h/t to @comfortablekid

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